cake pops


Ever wondered what to do with that cute pink little cakepop maker thingy that you bought for this one recipe from that one trendy blog, which now only collects dust? Todays Idea is a hearty mediterranean approach to make something else than miniature cakes.

Spicy Feta Cake Pops
prep time: 20 minutes
cook time: 6 minutes per batch
equipment: Cake Pop Maker

Dough for a LOT!

  • ▪️3 EGG
    ▪️100g Butter
    ▪️300g Joghurt
    ▪️100g Crème Fraiche
    ▪️250g Flour
    ▪️1 pck. Baking Powder
    ▪️200g Crumbled Cheese
    ▪️200g Feta
    ▪️2-4 Red Bell Pepper (pepperoni)
    ▪️Salt & Pepper

Mix all dry ingredients and then add eggs, yoghurt and butter. Preheat the maker and get the mould ready. Carefully pour the dough into the mould. Make sure you don’t use too much. Be gentle.

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